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UPDATE: German Ulrich Muehl says he only hopes that the issue will be resolved in the courts to start selling everything and leave the country

PUERTO PLATA. – Completely no desire to be in the country, they were foreigners who paved their properties in the tourist town of Sosua, on the false charge that supposedly belonged to a satanic cult and organizing actions against the Dominican State. The German Ulrich Muehl says only hope that this problem will be resolved in the courts to start selling everything and leave the country. ”With this experience, I have no words, it is beyond amazing, that’s a pompous lie… This is a very beautiful country, but we don’t want to stay. With this action was a woman without a husband and a child without a father, “said the German Muehl to participate in the program “El Despertador”.

Also, the German citizen and lawyer José Carlos González said that what happened in “La Mulata III” was a looting “which led televisions, guns, cell phones, computers and even consume food that was in the fridge as if everything was Free “. ”It is an area with several villas, looted them all… safes, car, ambulance clothes, computers, hard drives with books that took over 30 years to collect, they took everything from the fridge and ate it, cell phones, there was a virtual school and everything was taken away, they left blank walls”, he explained. Gonzalez’s lawyer said that the report of the results of the investigation by the Office of Puerto Plata would be presented in the coming days, “where according to local media’s asking for admonition of three generals, firing of several colonels and about 20 agents, is that the prosecution ventilated unaware that they took the safes, guns, televisions and other objects also did not know that the police had entered the villas without permission for search”.

The German Ulrich Muehl said that he was amazed with everything from that you are armed organ traffickers to satanic cult and all the bad that has been said about them since the incident occurred that fateful morning of  October, 17′th, 2012, where one of them (Peter Ebert Demetrick) was killed by police as a product of Dominican vandalism committed by the authorities.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Samson

    Please keep this thread alive as it develops. There are some major issues here which impact on other cases

    The biggest issue is is there any law that one can respect in this country or can Dominicans do whatever they like when ever they like to whom so ever they like.

    Those issued with guns leading the way.

  2. friquitaky

    I am sorry those people had to go thru all of that, and those criminals that represent the law in our country ” The Dominican Republic” those corrupt supposely officers of the law should pay for what they had done, not all Dominicans are to be blame for this since most of the time we fall victim to those types of abuse, those that did it are animals and should be treated as such they dont deserve to be walking on this earth

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