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UPDATE: Discovery in alleged confrontation between police and foreigners in Sosua, La Mulata

PUERTO PLATA  - In the morning of October 17, 2012, there was an alleged shootout in a house in the residential area La Mulata III, Sosua. During the “showdown” between agents, officers of the National Police and alleged members of a doomsday cult, according to the accounts which lasted more than an hour the German national Peter Ebert Demetrick was shot and three police officers were injured.

This happened in the tourist town of Sosua, located 225 kilometers north of the Dominican capital, from the beginning has been plagued by vague and misleading versions that seek to establish the liability to a foreign group allegedly possessing an arsenal of weapons war, armored vehicles, trafficking in human organs and even have a firing shots there. From the beginning, the information that appeared in major newspapers and media in the country, they realized that the alleged shootout occurred when members of the National Police proceeded to conduct a search of the residence owned by the German businessman Peter Brunck who was accused at the time by the authorities as a dangerous religious cult leader with branches in several European countries. The information listed on the cover of the newspaper Listin Diario, dated on October 18, 2012 explained that surrounding the incident, then the Chief of the National Police, Major General Jose Armando Polanco Gomez said that “the wisdom of the agents acting police and prosecutor in the case, there were no deaths in the tens place. “ Meanwhile, that same day a cable from the AP news in Santo Domingo stated that “the Dominican Attorney investigates the origin and use of various caliber weapons seized in the house of the leader of a doomsday German cult after him, another man and a woman fought gun battles with police.

“ The case was given a fabulous character, when the General Attorney of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito company and the police chief Polanco Gomez traveled by helicopter to the scene and when asked by reporters said that “there were many weapons, there were things that are delicate and German citizen suspect Peter Brunck and two others faced in a shootout with police in an exclusive estate of Sosua “.  Also, the newspaper El Dia outlined that Peter Brunck, was the apparent leader of the sect called “The Academy for the Future of Health” (Academy for a Healthy Future) and is identified with the initials AFFH, to the point that he had dominant and mental control over his followers that was compared with that exerted on David Koresh and his followers in 1993, went from total anonymity to being the center of world attention when the FBI tried to penetrate his ranch known as “Mount Camel” and fought gun authorities, and feeling cornered burnt the facilities down all in one tragedy of the city of Waco, Texas. According to information from newspaper it said the alleged sect had built a fortification that would allow its members harbored an alleged cataclysm occurred when they were waiting for December 2012, following the Mayan predictions and prepared militarily to defend its premises when the occurrence of the Chaos expected.

The news of that time said that the group had a mixture of beliefs including Buddhism, Mayan culture, Sai Baba, Christianity and the existence of aliens, information that they believe is hidden by the major world powers and the media to the end that all members of the sect lived isolated in this fortification, consists of about 20 luxury homes in Sosua, Puerto Plata and did not allow people outside the organization and came to repel several times to police and military authorities. Following the event, the police commanded by Colonels Ogando Raymundo de la Rosa and Roberto Salcedo Santos after finalizing the German Peter Ebert Demetrick, proceeded to arrest his wife of Russian nationality, Isabella Solvey Bosen and businessman Peter Brunck the owner  of the house where the incident occurred. Similarly, Judge Jose Juan Jimenez, Office of permanent attention Puerto Plata issued on 18 one year for Brunck remand, while the woman who at the time of the shooting allegedly had a bulletproof vest after being questioned by the Office also imposed an injunction. Dominguez Brito Attorney refused to reveal when questioned assumptions that drove the authorities on the use Brunck and his companions gave him weapons of various calibers, including M-16 rifles, grenades, seven body armor and an armored vehicle while a team of Police, accompanied by sniffer dogs, rummaged the house located on a hill within the perimeter of the residential complex La Mulata III, sought more weapons or other illegal items.

Something weird but, the Ministry of Interior and Police of the Dominican State agency that approves and issues permits to carry firearms, said he was unaware that the resident Brunck had a shooting let alone give details about the discovery of the six assault rifles, M-16, a SIG 552 Commando rifle with telescopic sights, five shotguns, Winchester rifle and three pistols with infrared light, among other firearms. Besides several crossbows type arc, camouflage suits, 7, bulletproof vests, armored vehicle model GMC Yukon XL brand white, plate G 270397, ambulance and sophisticated communications equipment. In this event where German was shot dead – Demetrick Peter Ebert, the second deputy injured Alejandro Toribio Minaya, Corporal Junior Zapata Zapata and satin Jose Ramirez Céspedes, all belonging to the Associate Director of Criminal Investigations at that time was led by the Colonel Roberto Salcedo Santos.

More updates coming soon:  This will deliver other special features on this case, which apparently prove to potentially becoming a script for a science fiction movie.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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