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UPDATE: Demons have been unleashed in case of Sosua, La Mulata III shooting last year

PUERTO PLATA. – The incident happened on the morning of Wednesday, October 17, 2012, where supposedly alleged members of a doomsday cult built by foreigners fought gun battles with National Police agents seems to be taken out of a movie script. This alleged exchange of fire took place at the residence located on a hill within the perimeter of the residential complex La Mulata III of the tourist town of Sosua, the house is owned by German businessman Peter Brunck, which was shot by Peter Ebert Demetrick Dominican police and were seized tens of highly destructive weapons.

Almost a year after this event, yet the authorities have not offered a credible version of what happened there, which is why the German citizen Brunck through their lawyer lodged a complaint against the National Police Colonel, Raymundo de la Rosa Ogando (The Cigarrú), for allegedly stealing more than 60 million dollars in gold bullion and cash items in the raid at his residence. Also a Haitian national stated that when he worked as a watchman at the residence of German Brunck filed a complaint against Lt. Col. Roberto Salcedo and Lt. Santos Odenni Happy by these allegedly have abused and give three shots in the legs when they entered the mentioned housing where without warnings, the officer ordered Salcedo Santos was shot without resistance.

For the last few days of looking into the incident on October 17, 2012 in La Mulata Sosua III, the Attorney General and the Inspector General of the National Police continue investigations into various irregularities that were committed there by the Dominican authorities themselves against foreign citizens who have only been accused of illegally carrying firearms. Late Wednesday afternoon July 10, 2013 Colonel Raymundo De la Rosa Ogando arrived at the Palace of Justice in Puerto Plata, he was the Inspector of the National Police in Sosua that time, for questioning by Counsel Chief Prosecutor, Judge Alba Nuñez Pichardo, about the alleged theft of more than 60 million in gold bullion, clothes and money in effective, during several raids where the officer was present in the tourism project La Mulata III of the municipality. De la Rosa Ogando is accused by German entrepreneur Peter Brunck for allegedly torturing him, and ordering the sacking of several belongings in his residence, then it fell dejected after his compatriot Peter Ebert Demetrick’s wife Isabella Solvey Dietrich Bosen was arrested instantly.

Prosecutor questioned two colonels of National Police of Puerto Plat an situation in Sosua La Mulata III

PUERTO PLATA July, 12, 2013 – The Prosecutor, Judge Alba Nuñez Pichardo has questioned and confirmed that two colonels of the National Police who participated in the raid on 17 October in a house in the tourist village of Sosua, La Mulata III who are being charged with possession of more than 60 million dollars in cash which they found in the place. Nuñez Pichardo said that Lieutenant Colonel Roberto Salcedo and Colonel Raymundo Santos de la Rosa Ogando, for now only have been questioned in relation to respective complaints pending against them, for assault and beating to death a German and a Haitian executed while the above mentioned residence was being requisitioned.

The Public Ministry representative said Deputy Prosecutor progress in the investigations into the alleged disappearance of money, in which after several shots raid Peter Ebert Demetrick of German nationality died, while German businessman and property owner, Peter Brunck and son were arrested. At the present time, respective committees of the National Police and Justice investigate the alleged theft of 60 million pesos, a situation that was revealed to the authorities by the German entrepreneur Brunck against police officers Salcedo Santos and de la Rosa Ogando. The judge Pichardo Alba Nunez explained that “when the commissioners concluded the investigations carried out then both parties will meet to analyze the evidence, then unify and act accordingly, so we are moving in the inquiries and look forward to the conclusions in the coming days. “Also it’s been pointed out that Colonel de la Rosa Ogando has been questioned in the prosecution, due to the lawsuit filed by a Haitian who served at the raided residence and who alleged that he had been ordered to be shot in both legs without any need .

Also the officer whose nickname is “The Cigarrú” is accused by German Peter Brunck for ordering several subordinates be tortured, as they ransacked the house and loaded with money and precious garments.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Samson

    Good to know that one can rely on the police for protection. Yet another gringo whose home has been ransacked. I wonder where all the money is?

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