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Update: British holiday rep, 37, describes horror of Caribbean jail dubbed the Devil’s Hotel after she was accused of murdering her husband

A mother-of-two who is accused of murdering her husband has said she would rather die than face serving 30 years in a Dominican prison if she is convicted.

Nicola Reyes, 37, has described the horrific condition in which she has been kept for 14 months, allegedly without charge.

Even her own lawyer in the Caribbean fears she will be convicted, and her parents Micheal and Jeanette Clements claim the British Embassy and Foreign Office have failed to provide assistance.

They have now started a petition asking for Prime Minister David Cameron to intervene.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Nicola, a former holiday rep from Cardiff said: ‘If I am convicted – and I truly think I will be – I will get 30 years. I will kill myself. I have worked out a way to do it.’

In one incident inside the prison dubbed Devil’s Hotel she says she listened as guards beat a man to death in the cell next to hers, then watched in horror as they dragged his body out and left it in full view of the other inmates until morning.

She said: ‘I saw other male prisoners chained up so high by their hands they were forced to stand on tip-toe.

‘Guards would beat them with sticks until the sticks broke.’

Even though she was moved to a private prison after six weeks her health has suffered due to the appalling conditions and she complains of intestine and bladder infections which mean she cannot eat the porridge served each morning.

She also worries she might have cancer after two smear tests carried out by the prison doctor showed something was wrong.

She said: ‘I share a cell with two other girls. I have the top bunk and water drips on to my bed when it rains.

‘There’s a bucket behind a screened off curtain for a toilet and rats the size of cats in the corridors.

‘In the mornings I cry in the shower – it is the only privacy I get.’

Her time in the Devil’s Hotel haunts Nicola. She received death threats and feared she would be killed after Jorge’s brother said he would offer male inmates money to do it.

One night the power went out. Huddling together in the dark with the 15 other prisoners sharing her 12ft by 12ft cell, they told her that means either a breakout is happening, or a contract killing is being carried out.

In an ironic twist Nicola used to point out the prison on her tours while working for Thomas Cook, telling holidaymakers to avoid renting a car because the police would arrest you for merely witnessing an accident.

Nicola spent several hours in prison once before when she called the emergency services after she saw a drunk man knocked down.

Her parents, who moved back to Cardiff last April with her two children, Leah and Luke, have spent more than £100,000 on the case.

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  1. Samson

    Looks like a typical Dominican gigalo. An earlier comment mentioned no lights as well. Very difficult to see such riders, especially when oncoming traffic uses full headlights.

    Since the main intention of this type of arrest is money. It would be interesting to know how the 100k was spent.

    I think that the British Embassy should insist that she be charged or released.

    There are other outrageous treatments of foreigners. Whose turn next?

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