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Thousands of people enjoyed the Brugal Merengue Festival and Caribbean Rhythms in Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA. – The climatic conditions of sporadic downpours, did not prevent dozens of citizens of Puerto Plata, and other towns of the North Coast, to enjoy the Brugal Merengue Festival and Caribbean Rhythms .

This art event was held under the auspices of the liquor company Brugal in addition to the Ministry of Tourism, on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 , 2013, the event presented an extensive dossier of artists and musical groups in order to help promote the values ​​and Caribbean identity through cultural and artistic expressions of its inhabitants.

The first day began with the arrival of the animators Milton Cordero (Lettuce ) and Frank Cabrera who presented the Ballet Folklorico of the Ministry of Tourism, after that the legendary Dominican merengue typical Manuela Josefa Cabrera ( Fefita La Grande ) got on stage, he pulled his accordion and his sensual hip movements, danced non-stop to all parishioners who cheered deliriously his superb performance .

The giant stage, was set up to welcome El Gringo de la Bachata and sensational Miriam Cruz with merengue orchestra conducted by Maestro Israel Casado, who played the theme ” Tá Pillao ” “I already forgot ” , ” The Bait ” , ” Rotten Guava ” and his most critically acclaimed ” That’s up to him” with which it gained public sympathy, mostly of females who loudly chanted each of their interpretations.

To close the first night of Brugal Merengue Festival and Caribbean Rhythms , the interpreter of the urban genre , The Street Poet attracted a great endorsement of a massive amount of sympathy for this young musical wave .

Also, the joy of the event followed on Sunday 29th with animation by Antonio Heredia and Milton Cordero (Lettuce ) , who broke the ice to present the Folkloric Ballet of the Ministry of Tourism to take the stage after the young Rafely Rosario who with his subjects well coupled ignited the enthusiasm of the public so the typical merengue Wilman Peña continued warming up the audience.

Although the rain threatened to intensify, to close with a flourish was presented the orchestra of Los Hermanos Rosario meringues who with their infectious rhythms and unrivaled tuning , danced to the large crowd of people who overcame the assistance of the last night, while the flash of fireworks under the excitement overflowing the audience lit the Atlantic Ocean to conclude the show.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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