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The Ministry of Tourism announced a complete restoration of the Sosua beaches

PUERTO PLATA. – At the meeting in Santo Domingo, the Ministry of Tourism announced that the beaches of the town of Sosua, in the eastern part of the province of Puerto Plata, will be completely restored to its relaunch.

According to reports by the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia said that in that coastal restoration project of Sosua, there will be removed at least 300 vendors that have been occupying the beaches of El Batey and Los Charamicos for more than four decades. The governmental delegation had met with vendors and promised them that they would be moved into a soon constructed project – Shopping Plaza.

Garcia explained that the most important thing about this project is that the parties that were in struggle have finally agreed, because the earlier position of taken by them did not allow entrepreneurs and Government to invest in Sosua, so they must take advantage of this situation to seek a definitive solution as the province of Puerto Plata should prepare for the new amount of tourists that will arrive from the operations of cruise terminal in Maimon bay and widen to four -lane highway that connects the city with the cross road of Navarrete .

It was announced that in late September they would start the construction work. The project envisages the construction of two shopping malls and parking lots in both beaches, which should solve the traffic problem of Sosua and access to the beach, in addition to a corridor linking the two beaches and a recreational area for sports,  total about 250 retail units or modules , built on one level, representing a small city, where visitors will move to , leaving trade free beaches for casual users to enjoy its true beauty.

At that meeting, the mayor of Sosua, Ilana Neumann , Vice César José de los Santos , Regional Director of the Ministry of Tourism in Puerto Plata , Roberto Sancasani and a delegation of representatives of the vendors from the beaches of Sosua were present.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Stocker

    Until they lower airport taxes, there will be no flood of tourists. Will the cruise passengers want to make such a long journey – new road or not?

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