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The increase of cost for vehicle plates raises tension and despair among the population

PUERTO PLATA. – In addition to this year summer heat Dominicans will have to face a significant strain on thier budget. This is because, Dominican families will be forced to seek extra money to pay tax on the movement of vehicles in real terms this means that among other things, an astronomical increase of cost of the plate (placa).

The increase of the plate or tag, now called Tax on the Circulation of vehicles, is the most retarded throes of a fiscal reform that took effect on January and immediately felt a tax increase Transfer of Industrialized Goods and Services (ITEBIS), which was imposed in addition to other products and services that were exempt. In the view of many citizens, the impact of the plate will be be felt in almost all of those who have sought in private vehicles familiar solution to damaged and inefficient public transport, as hereinafter will pay one percent of value of the vehicle.

The new method means that a vehicle with a value of 800 000 pesos will pay 8,000 pesos for the said tax and one of 500 000 pay 5,000 pesos, in the first case it is more than triple the previous weights 2,200 and secondly it more than doubles. This valuation model will remain in vehicles up to model year 1997, but in no case will pay less than they did last year.

Before the new tax reform the label was 1,200 pesos for vehicles five years old or more and 2,200 pesos for less than five years old. Henceforth pay based on the value that is assigned to the Directorate General of Internal Taxes (Tax Administration), an organization that has published on its website a list of the assessment of different models of vehicles.

According to the above, it appears that the summer will overload already sensitive household spending habits of middle class and poor in the Dominican Republic.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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