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Stay-at-home husbands increasing in the Dominican Republic

An increasing number of Dominican men are leaving their formal jobs to stay at home and look after the household and the children, reports El Caribe today, Monday 7 October. The decision is being made both for economic reasons and vocation. The decision is “socially complicated,” because socially and culturally Dominicans have traditionally believed that man is the breadwinner and it’s the woman’s job to take care of the household needs and the children.

“When a woman earns more than her husband, is successful and dedicated to her career, she runs the risk of a failed marriage because unconsciously she has less regard for her husband and it kills his self esteem,” says psychologist Johanna Espaillat of Rega Mental center. She said that this non-traditional distribution of roles was a new phenomenon and that in the past century both husband and wife started working outside the home, and the wife took on a greater part of the family responsibilities. But the specialist says there has been a change. She said most often the change happens when a man loses his job and his wife continues to work.

Nevertheless, she says that many men become depressed as a result of the change of roles. She said the change is especially difficult for men in their forties, and least difficult for men in their twenties.

She recommends sharing the housework that needs to be done when the spouse who works outside the house returns.

She goes on to say that many men are discovering that being flexible and in charge of the home is an interesting change in their life and they are managing to distance themselves from the traditional links between the breadwinner role and their masculinity, as reported in El Caribe.

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