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Sosua Multicultural Gastronomic Festival 2013 again a flop for foreigners!!

The Sosua Municipality and their supporters, are again trying to blind the public that the Sosua Food festival again was a success. Well, it could be classed as a success if the only objective in sight, was to entertain, feed and attract local Dominicans and a tiny little handful of or the “hardly ever to be seen” tourist visiting Sosua!

However, if judging this events success was based on tourists and expats attending, then on a scale from 0 to 10 they get a sad “0″. You hardly saw any unfamiliar faces, and among the visitors there was maximum 40-60 different foreigners to be found (over the 3 days), and these people are mostly a tiny little percentage of the thousands of expats who live here in the Sosua / Cabarete area, WHO CHOOSE NOT TO ATTEND FOR VARIOUS REASONS!

Feedback is already surfacing from foreigners who didn’t bother attending like:  ”Too Dominican!” – “Can’t stand the usual repetitive tipico music!” – “Hardly any foreign food found!” – “No-where to sit to eat your meal” – “It’s been organized for the enjoyment of the Dominicans only!” and so on…

So what needs fixing to make it profitable and truly successful?

The organizers should either rename the event from “Multicultural Food Festival” to “Dominican Annual Street Party”, or they should live up to the existing event name by fixing the following:

- Music: Reduce the percentage of Dominican music performed from 98% to 30% and start including bands or artists from other nations, i.e. locally we have great artists from Brazil, Russia, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark and more… However, they are never hired or invited! Hence the reason you never hear rock, blues, jazz, or western type music.

- MC: Whoever the MC, he/she should be doing the presenting in both Spanish and English, and preferably someone who can keep it to the point while being highly entertaining. Mix a foreigner into the equation as a fellow presenter!

- Food and vendors: The organizers “by accident” got it right the 1’st year and offered a lower fee to the local restaurants to be involved, which resulted in the entire park and both sides of the street to be full of interesting international food stands. However, year two and three the organizers got greedy and more than doubled the 3 day stand rental, scaring off 95% of restaurants owners with the high entry fees. Instead less than 15 stands with food were found this year, and the “missing” vendors could have been the best promoters of the event! and instead these people chose not to promote the event or even attend themselves!

The Organizers seem to think very backwards and small scale, with the focus heavily lent on making maximum profits from very few vendors, while stroking their own ego’s on camera and video trying to make it look good. Thousands of people either stay away, and many never learnt that the event was actually happening due to the heavy lack of promotional efforts.

- Sponsors: Why is there hardly any sponsoring from expat business owners? Simple – they are never approached or encouraged to be involved! The Municipality has their own little comfort zone club, and they don’t wish to involve anyone who could challenge their limited beliefs! Only foreigners know exactly what other foreigners would like, So why not create an event committee with I.e. 60% + foreigners and 40% Dominicans for organizing this supposedly “Multicultural” event?

Only when unnecessary ego, national pride, greed and stupidity is eliminated from this event will it be a booming success!

P.S. Well done though to the artists and dancers that did perform, they did themselves proud!


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  1. Samson

    Well said. Couldn’t agree more. When will they learn?

  2. Stocker

    I don’t agree about the music. I attended and enjoyed the Dominican music. To me, it seems that live Dominican music is rarely seen (except on the beach) and there is too much foreign music.

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