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Sold! Victims of human trafficking (white slave trade)

Between 36 and 60 victims of human trafficking seek psychological help each year.

Belkis Jimenez was the victim of human trafficking (white slave trade). While she was looking for a job she was recommended by a friend to work in a cafeteria located in Navarrete, in the north of the country. When she arrived, a network of white slave traffickers told her that she was “sold.”

A case which appears to be very common in the country since according to a Base Line (the first measurement of any social project) study carried out in 2009 by the Center for Guidance and Investigation (COIN) and the United Women’s Movement (Modemu) and which was never published, 58% of the cases of human trafficking that occur in the national territory occur when a person is tricked by a female friend, and 13% by a man organizing trips and 5% through relatives.

In the case of Belkis, without an option to put up resistance, she was trapped in that bordello that the white slavers disguised as a cockfight arena located in an isolated and inhospitable place in the area. “I remember that next door there was only a slaughterhouse and inside we were a group of women.” Recalling this she pauses. In order to continue, she prefers to have the children taken away, little neighbors that came to the termite-eaten doorway of her tin-roofed house.

“We were forced the sleep with men without giving us one cent,” she continued. “Those who opposed were hit with chairs, sticks, I have it all in my head, there was a lot of mistreatment, the women were aborted, they had a doctor for this. While that did that, we were locked up, but you could hear the cries, I was dying with fright.”

On several occasions, she relates, she tried to commit suicide. Especially the first Christmas she spent without her mother. When can I go home? She asked all the time.

After being held for five months, she found out that her house had burned down. Once again threatening to commit suicide, the bordello owners let her out to visit it.

“I wanted to assure myself that my mother was okay, but the following day I went back to the whorehouse by myself, because they had warned me that if I did not come back they would look for me and kill me.”

For three years Belkis remained under the control of the gang, until a man that worked in the bordello helped her to leave. Nonetheless, 23 years have not been enough to forget that series of dark events.

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