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Social Media is taking the world by storm. Is it really so important for you?

More and more, popular icons for the top social media sites are showing up under such standards as the search site box. And Facebook widgets are ever more common that allow you to become a fan of a brand or business directly from your website. Suddenly, everyone is talking about social marketing. Is it worth the trouble?

With nearly 400 Million active users, Facebook is now the size of the country of Germany, and adding over 1/2 Million new users per day! Twitter is not as big but is also growing fast.  The phenomenal growth of these online giants ultimately reflects our compelling desire to connect with each other around common interests. AND it presents a whole new paradigm for communicating and selling online.

Social Media provides virtually instant access to information throughout the world, thus giving you the ability to share news about your products and services with people that were once out of reach. Social media is easily one of the fastest growing benefits of technology today. Not very long ago, businesses were limited to connections with contacts within their neighborhood or at best, their country. The door is now open to share your business with the world. The most powerful benefit of social media is that it can engage people so quickly and easily.

Let’s face it. We live in a world full of advertisements and we just don’t trust what brands say about themselves. However, we do trust what our friends say. That is why so many people are willing to try something new based on what their friends say on social media. Some call this word-of-mouth, some call it peer-to-peer recommendations. No matter what you call it, getting people to recommend you can go a long way to driving both new and repeat business.

82% of small businesses say word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to market their business and find new customers.
Source: American Express Open and SEMPO, “Small Business Search Marketing Survey” March 23, 2011

However, with social media marketing, you need to be consistent and patient. Those relationships you build will pay off over time through increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

To be an effective social media marketer you need to:

- Invest time in both talking and listening (Even just 10-20 minutes/day)
- Have a plan for creating engaging content
- Find the right tools that will help you save time (We can help you with that!)

Recently we’ve added a Social Media Marketing Expert to our team, so now we can also provide you with the following services:

  • Social Media Moderation (daily)
  • Social Media Identity (Image & Branding)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Consultation

Mobile Marketing – Mobile Applications

Mobile marketing has become a very powerful tool for business growth and exposure. In the last two years, SmartPhone usage and ownership has tripled, making mobile devices the primary means of searching the internet worldwide. These mobile devices account for over 200 million searches per day. If you sent out an email right now, only 3% of the total recipients would receive the email, as opposed to 97% of the people who would open a text sent from a mobile app!

We can also help you develop an app and increase you customers via mobile!

Contact us for more information or an appointment at

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