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Ruling targets Dominican Republic’s rampant land fraud

Santo Domingo.- The Supreme Court ruled to retain supporting documents in cases of properties with more than one registered owner, reject the transaction and return the file to the local land court.

The ruling comes several months after the Supreme Court announced stricter rules to avert rampart land fraud often denounced by foreign investors.

It states that when two surveys cover the property in whole or in part, and double registration of property rights was executed based on the same, the Cadastral Agency shall retain documents as evidence of irregularity, according to Resolution No.1419-2013.

“Any person affected or who may be affected with overlapping and executed, can file registration fraud at the competent Land Jurisdiction, via the Regional Cadastral Agency.”

The Supreme Court ruling notes that in the event that a person’s rights are supported by a contract of transfer of rights under certificates with easements, the acquirer can start the demarcation process presenting the proper documents.

It said after all liens on a property registered in the Registrar of Titles, this will affect the property by blocking registration, and the competent court will have to judge all cases where easements intend to affect the property. “The registration of a sentence purges all mortgages and liens and registered rights on a property, including the rights of the unpaid former seller.”

Source: Dominican Today

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  1. Samson

    Not sure that I understood all that. Does it mean that there was a system in place that allowed double registration? So now those with original title have to proceed to court to start the fight all over again and at some cost.
    What exactly happens to those who perpetrated the crime……..nothing?

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