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Robberies and assaults continue in Puerto Plata, people feel frightened

PUERTO PLATA. РThe criminal actions such as theft and armed robberies that have occurred in Puerto Plata city keep terrorizing the population, as people fleeing the wrongdoers, to hide in their homes since nightfall. Among the vandalism that most citizens have commented on was the assault occurred at 10:00 am October, 14, 2013 in front of a cell phone store located at the corner of the streets Separation and July 12.

According to eyewitness version of this incident, the assault was committed by two unknown assailants on board of a motorcycle who after multiple shots, pointed a gun at a man whom was robbed of approximately 200 thousand pesos that were supposed to be deposited in a bank branch as proceeds from the sale of cattle.

To this is added the constant theft of items from the residential areas, such as invertor and car batteries , appliances and even ornamental plants which are stolen from patios, porches and balconies by thieves called ” piperos ” who take everything in their path.¬†With the growth of these criminal acts , citizens requested more effective patrolling by agents of the National Police.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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