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Renewing your Dominican Residency and Cedula yourself, June 2013

Renewing your permanent Residency (the one you are doing the 3rd time).

I spoke with three lawyers re above and each gave differing information or advice. I decided that I needed to save money and attempted to do it myself (successfully).  Here is the routine. The job can be completed in two weeks i.e. two trips. No reason to stay overnight unless you want a shopping trip the following day.

What you need to take with you:

- Your passport + 4 copies front and back (of the important page)

- Your Residency card + 4 copies front and back

- Your Cedula + 4 copies front and back

- 4 copies of your title (s). If you do not own property, you will need a guarantee from your Lawyer, notarized.

- Photos with white background 4 copies Front and 4 copies Side.

Photocopies can be done on site but you need to queue.

- A letter from your Dominican Bank.

- A letter from the courthouse in Puerto Plata stating that your recent history is clean. Go into ground floor and join queue on far right. Take with you a receipt from Bank Reservas for RD$ 360. You can generally collect it the following day. When you have completed, they will give you a paper to bring when you return. Collection is quick.

Take the first bus to Santo Domingo then take a taxi to Immigration on the Malecon RD$200. I traveled on a Tuesday. Mondays, I am told are best avoided. On the first day you are going to commence your application and take your medical. On the second visit two weeks later assuming no medical problems you will complete your application.

On entering the building, go through the swing doors on the right. You need to queue on the far left, hand in your basic papers and original Residency card and also pay for medical and two forms that need filling in. There could be a delay and you have to wait to be called.

I was told that the medical was at the back of the same building – not true, unless the taxi drove me around town and back again! As you leave Immigration, there are always plenty of taxis waiting and they know where to go. The whole medical is done in two rooms of the same building. There is a short walk to the X-Ray. You will be given a receipt to take with you to Immigration for your second visit.

This time queue for no 10. I started at 1 and each time was told to go to the next one. But then I am a stupid Gringo who does not speak Spanish and needs to waste as much time as possible. There is much waiting around waiting for your name to be called. There is so much noise in there that I missed my call! I received my Residency from No 9 and only then was told that the Cedula was in a different place. Again the Taxi drivers know exactly where to go.

On both occasions I was on the 2 pm bus home. I had to pay a fine and an unnecessary fee for a guarantee but estimated that you should take RD$25,000. You should have some change. RD$ 10,000 should be more than enough on the first visit but take the balance of the 25,000 for the second visit.

My Cedula and Residency now run concurrently – much easier.

As long as you have all your documents, there is no reason why you should not do it yourself. Residency card and Cedula are both given for 4 years this time.

Author: Robert M. (Sosua)

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