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Puerto Plata citizens request that authorities take out window “cleaners” of the streets and avenues

PUERTO PLATA. – A real social problem and very dangerous at the same time is a group of children and adolescents who are dedicated to clean the windows of all public and private vehicles on the main avenues of the city in exchange for a measly coins.

This shameful drama is observed daily in traffic lights of Manolo Tavarez Justo Avenue opposite the hospital Ricardo Limardo, at the entrance to the sector Padre las Casas and now even in the route of the Javilla which is testing the patience of the drivers who warn though that they will not clean the glass of their vehicles so disrespectful these lads will throw a dirty sponge on the window and force drivers to give money. Because of the way these young reckless act, every time incidents occur. If the authorities do not eradicate this situation can lead to tragedy, as when drivers warn a cleaner that they do not want their vehicles cleaned, the cleaners react aggressively shouting profanity and even scratch vehicles with nails and knives. This group of young people who are a product of social inequality prevailing in our country, and bobcats apparently juggling to dodge cars, trucks, motorcycles and trucks with feline prowess have to “clean glass” but more painful is that they do not attend school, and stay illiterate, others however primary school dropouts, taken to the streets to “buscársela” because of “this tough economic situation” and their parents can not support them.

In most cases, a cleaning boy is addicted to narcotic drugs (criminals) and is always aggressive when he gets reprimanded for his  nuisance actions towards drivers of public and private vehicles transiting the Manolo Avenue Tavarez Justo.

Undeclared work  According to the provisions of Law 136-03 (Juvenile Code), conclusively criminalizes child labor in the Dominican Republic, however, the judicial authorities do not apply these fundamentals in the case of these children doingchores cleaning glass under the lights installed on streets and avenues of Puerto Plata. What about the authorities?  From many complaints received from foreign drivers and Dominicans, several months ago the Deputy Minister of Tourism, César José de los Santos, instructed the Tourist Police (POLITUR) to clean out the roads from children and adolescents engaged in cleaning windows. Unfortunately this order never became a reality because supposedly these powers are exclusive of the City of Puerto Plata that with the intervention of numerous municipal police do nothing, they should not let these pesky youngsters besiege the drivers in front of Ricardo Limardo Hospital and entry sector of Padre Las Casas.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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