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Prominent rehab organization says drug use should be decriminalized

Santo Domingo.- The head of the drug rehab organization Casa Abierta (open house) Juan de la Rosa is partial to decriminalizing drug consumption in the Dominican Republic, since in his view, addicts should be treated as patients, not criminals.

“What we do when we criminalize users is that we turn them into criminals and we move them away from possible treatment, we do harm when we arrest them, because in prison they learn more forms of crime and then does more damage to them and to society.”

He said the notion that decriminalizing drug use will increase drug trafficking is false and cited countries such as Uruguay, United States, Mexico and Colombia, where the measure was adopted years ago, and hasn’t occurred.


While the head of another rehab organization, Leopoldo Díaz, affirms that the law in effect should continue being enforced, because in his view, they  should be given the opportunity to serve out their sentences in rehabilitation facilities.

Source: DT

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