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Possible scam by Claro!!

“Get a Free telephone, as a reward for 1 year of being on a contract plan!”

A local man mentioned to a local Claro branch that his cell phone had been stolen and that he wished to regain the same number. The service representative explained that if he traveled to the main branch in Puerto Plata, then they could re-issue a new Sim card with the same number. She also mentioned that because the man had been on a contract for over 1 year, he was now entitled to a free telephone.

Upon his trip to the telephone company’s head office in Puerto Plata, he was shown by the service consultant which telephone he could get for free. He said O.K. and she asked for a phone from the stock room. When she returned with the phone she said to the man that he would now need to change to a different plan. The man would pay the same monthly fee, but would now only receive half the minutes. Claro’s justification was that this was new rules. The man reluctantly decided to sign the form for changing plan, as she assured him he was not by doing this obligated to renewing his actual contract, and after all he needed a new phone. After he signed, he was thrown the next “curb ball” when she told him that he would not get his free phone that day. Frustrated with this after spending time away from work as well as petrol, and being misled, he of course challenged the lady as to why she had then made him believe he would receive his free phone that day and got him to change plan and recorded the phone’s serial number into the computer. The lady told him that because his bills fell due on a certain day of each month, he would then have to return on the next billing date, which meant he would have to make another trip from Cabarete to Puerto Plata just to get his free phone.

A couple of days later the man had a local Claro staff member assist him call Claro’s customer service, who confirmed he should have received his free telephone during his 1st visit.

The man visited Claro’s Puerto Plata office again, and was approached by the same lady, who quickly started making excuses and suddenly her fairly fluent English disappeared and, he therefore had to deal with her supervisor. Now he was thrown the next “curb-ball”, which was that he certainly could get his phone on this day, however he would now need to commit to another 18 month contract. Totally disgusted by the “gold post” being moved on him several times, empty promises, manipulation and the tricky treatment, he decided to cancel his plan all together and assured Claro that he would be switching to another company.

Conclusion: The big boys always want to win whatever it takes to earn or save quick buck, even if it means sacrificing their long term reputation!
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  1. Samson

    Well he forgot to mention the long wait in the queue each time.
    My own experience has some similarity. It took me 10 months to get internet. I had to pay a tidy sum to bring a wire between roads. They sold me a contract that they could not supply. When I complained, I was told that I can increase my service but not reduce it. I have since left them and now I do not lose the slow service when it rains!.
    When I claimed a new phone, I was told my monthly charge except that that was not what my bill showed. When I challenged the amount, I was told that I was paying for insurance which amounted to one third of the bill

    One has to say that they are little commitment to the truth. So what is new?

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