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Police raids are now civilized

All sites and newspapers (including Listin Diario) write about it: the police will henceforth not check as brute, but rather very polite on arms, age (girls), drugs, noise control and alcohol abuse. Some of Listin Diarios reporters witnessed it. They heard the commander of the National Police for an open door of a bar talking through a megaphone to say the following:

‘Please, stand up.
Good evening friends on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, we have the task to perform a simple check. We do not want to bother you and we do not want to spoil the fun. But weapons and rum do not mix and rum doesn’t mix with driving’. According to Listin Diario’s reporters these words were received by the happy surprised guests with cheers and clapping. Then the officers checked the men and women present (control of handbags) on weapons and drugs and possession of an identity document. All participants felt that this new approach of the police earned praise and continuation. Hopefully this new friendly approach will also be put into practice in Sosúa.

Source: Sosua News

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  1. Samson

    Oh, well I do hope that it also comes to Sosua. It will be so nice to have polite police and I hope that they set an example which we can all respect.

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