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Police extorted 151 thousand pesos from a tourist in Cabarete

PUERTO PLATA. – A European citizen was extorted for money by National Police officers from Cabarete, who forced him to pay the sum of 151,000 pesos to avoid him being arrested, after he had dealings with a prostitute who had stolen his credit card and the sum of 9,000 Dominican pesos.

A foreign citizen who was assaulted by the Police in Cabarete, named Hafsteinn Infimundarson, a native of Iceland, he with tears in his eyes told that he was mistreated by the Police who threatened him that if he had not paid 151,000 pesos, he would have got into serious problems and would been sent into jail for more than 6 months. The foreigner was assaulted on Thursday night, Oct. 10′th, 2013, he was staying at the Hotel Caoba in Cabarete. He met a young woman of Haitian origin, with whom they went into his room, then he felt unwell and sent the girl to a pharmacy to buy some medicine. The next morning he realized that 9 thousand pesos and a credit card had disappeared from his pants.

Infimundarson Hafsteinn demanded that the girl would give him his money and credit card back, she attempted to attack him and he was forced to ask the hotel security to call the police. When the law enforcement arrived, they instead of taking the woman into custody, took him and told him that there was a big problem and he would go for six months into jail for failing to pay.

This European tourist had been on vacation for four weeks in the country, said that when he was detained in the police station, he was given a lawyer named Jimmy Daniel Bonilla Hidalgo, who he had never seen before, and who told him to pay 151 thousand pesos, plus 3000 additional weights that is all up approximately about US$5000. Scared, blackmailed and pressured, the foreigner had no choice but to pay the sum of money required and immediately was released from the Police Station, without taking it to court or  prosecutor.

Fully troubled by being cheated, the alien said all this compromise was made in conjunction with the attorney Bonilla Hidalgo and Cabarete police officers, so he introduced to reporters a copy of the original receipt where it was noted the payment of 151 000 pesos, which also explains that another 39 thousand pesos was paid, in the final part of the document there were signatures of Mr. Michel Gay Gosier, the owner of the hotel where he was staying, the lawyer who received the money and his.

After having learnt of this serious allegation Northern Regional Director of National Police in Puerto Plata Brigadier General Ramón Emilio Nunez Ciriaco  immediately ordered an investigation that would investigate the complaint of extortion made ​​to the European tourists Hafsteinn Infimundarson, who had to pay 151,000 pesos to exit free from the police headquarters in Cabarete.  Ciriaco Nunez said that the police will be punished all who participated in this extortion scheme regardless of rank as the Chief of the National Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, has warned that the institution does not allow actions conflict with the law part of any of its members.

For several months it’s been announced that in tourist communities of Sosua and Cabarete a kind of extortionist from tourists mafia is operating, and it is made of police officers, practicing lawyers and even court employees, they use women who prostitute and accuse foreigners of sexual and gender violence to strip them for heavy sums of money.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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