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People criticize AMET’s abusive action to seize vehicles especially around payment dates each month

PUERTO PLATA. – While vehicular traffic is a mess in all the streets and avenues of the city, the agents of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET ) only leave the next day to the dates 15 and 30 of each month, to seize dozens of motorcycles from citizens who traveled pathways and devoid of helmet.

This action violates the provisions of Article 51 of the Dominican Constitution where the State recognizes and guarantees the right to property of citizens, also prohibits the retention of the property in this case the motorcycles or people, as in groups AMET agents were placed at strategic points where it becomes impossible for motorcycle drivers to see them and in some cases , will come by surprise when simulating a beast stalks his prey. It has been criticized for an arrogant and disrespectful act, AMET agents stand in the way forcing riders to dismount and deliver their engines to be mounted on a crane truck that leads then to the headquarters of the institution Comedor Económico located on Avenue President Camano . This situation has become very tense and dangerous where numerous citizens retained motorcycles owners have faced AMET members who teach despite documents to agents, to show that those bikes are their property, if they did not , in a sign that the main cause of the seizure for revenue purposes using as an excuse of lack of helmet.

Puerto Plata citizens continue to complain of inaction by the Government authorities as long as agents real responsibility is the regulation of traffic, still they carry out numerous operations in an ambitious and abusive way, in which hundreds seized motorcycles are seized and to return the owners are asked to pay a fine of RD $ 3,500 pesos.

Congressman criticizes such practices on this situation, the government deputy Crespo Tobias claimed that the Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET ) should stop the seizure of motorcycles and placing locks on illegally parked vehicles because the practice violates the Constitution. The PLD legislator who was the director of the Bureau of Land Traffic (OTTT ) said that the Constitution establishes the right to free movement and that this measure is violent because it retains the right vehicles and motorcycles which are private property of citizens.

Similarly PLD congressman said it is also illegal to carry vehicles or motorcycles to AMET barracks because they are a private possession that can’t be withhold, unless there is an accident with injury or death.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Samson

    Well guess what. I support action by AMET to stop abuse by Motorcycles but today was booked for driving to the bank area apparently down a new one way street. No signs, no warning just stopped and booked. When a road’s direction is changed, one expects signs everywhere to let drivers know. Not in DR though. Must have had a profitable day’s catch for just a few hours work.
    Suckers were queuing up by the dozen.

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