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North Coast is affected by dengue plague

The exotic tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) has also appeared on the north coast. The mosquito seems to be imported from Vietnam by the U.S. military to North and South America. After the Vietnam War, the Americans transported millions of used tires back to the USA. In these tires were apparently eggs of the Tiger mosquito hidden. The mosquito has no natural enemies here and could therefore rapidly spread across two continents. Now this mosquito apparently reached Puerto Plata, Montellano, Sosúa and Cabarete. The mosquito needs stagnant fresh water for reproduction. The largest breeding sites for the dengue spreading mosquito are carelessly discarded car tires. But also empty bottles, cans and especially uncovered water containers are a popular breeding ground for this mosquito. The garbage dumps are extra dangerous breeding grounds for these exotic mosquito. In the suburbs of Sosúa, the number of residents infected with dengue has increased in the past year. If nothing is done to prevent it, the coming year the number of infections will double.
Prevention means, clearing all places of stagnant fresh water. So all tires, pots and pans, bottles and uncovered water containers must be removed or covered. Furthermore, every landfill should always be covered with sand. The mosquito with the characteristic black striped legs sticks only during the day and you can combat it easy with a simple mosquito spray. A spray that also works against the common mosquito. We should not panic, but there should be taken preventive measures. So clean up those tires, empty bottles, cans and barrels and cover the landfill!

Source: Sosua News

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