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New York’s Manhattan’s Columbus Circle is not where Christopher is buried

Christopher Colon, as the Italians and Spanish call him, was buried in the Dominican Republic, a favorite travel spot for all-inclusive vacationers. Many of these travelers take day trips to the capital to visit Columbus’ grave site, which is one way of doing it.

The capital is a better place to start when venturing to this Caribbean island to see the home of his bones. It’s an amazing exhibit of the country’s love of the man, who discovered the new world in 1492.

Santo Domingo, the capital, can be reached from most state-side international airports on direct flights: Miami, New York, Boston, and Atlanta. Check here or other search sites

Stay in the capital and take a day trip to the beach, because there is so much to do other than visiting Columbus’ sanctuary in one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean.

During the day, many other historic sites are open to the public such as the gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria in the Colonial Zone, completed in 1535. This area is full of trinket shops, cigar shops, bars, restaurants, and other points of interest. It’s is so popular Hard Rock Café opened there a few years ago.

Nightlife is one of the best in the Caribbean. Check it out for yourself. Casinos are at most of the five star hotels in the city.

Language is not a problem. Dominicans love America and Americans, so you’ll always find a helping hand when in need. Get some visitors information before you go
When you go visit Christopher Colon’s grave in the Dominican Republic, bring your walking shoes. But if you are serious, buy a copy of Spanish for Dummies. Learn some phrases before leaving, take it on your adventure, and you’ll have all the Dominicans laughing with you, not at you.

It’s more fun that way.


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