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New IDs will not be able to be forged

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) that handles civil registry in the Dominican Republic responded to comments by Caelum Dominicana that has questioned the result of the tender for producing the new ID cards saying that that company did not meet the security level requirements. The president of the Tender Commission, former JCE judge Luis Ramon Cordero and commission coordinator Leonardo Garcia told Diario Libre that the 13 bidding companies were evaluated by Q-Card Company, a US company. As reported, the new card cannot be copied, as can happen with the current card. Earlier this week, Caelum, represented by lawyer Francisco (Pancho) Alvarez submitted a recourse challenging the choice of company. Cordero and Garcia said that the current ID is very vulnerable to forgery. The Committee on Contracts and the technical committee that evaluated the proposals called for the card to be printed on a laminated material that will adhere to the photo, so that any tampering with the document in an attempt to change the photo or any other information would destroy the ID. They said that in the 2008 municipal and congressional elections, three printers were stolen in Santiago, leading to the forgery of many IDs. They said that Caelum had offered to use the same plastic and printer in that case.

Cordero said the new ID could not be forged and that the new printers that will be used are only sold to governments. He said that while the new ID will not include a microchip it will contain the 10 fingerprints and the software can detect whether the fingertips are live.

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Last updated March 25, 2017 at 5:40 PM
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