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National Police announced the dismissal of 68 high-ranking officers and subalterns

Santo Domingo.- The National Police announced yesterday the dismissal of 68 high-ranking officers and subalterns, and rank and file members for negligence in the line of duty, involvement in criminal acts and indiscipline. The dismissals include 13 officers involved in the controversial raid in La Mulata III residential area of Sosua, in Puerto Plata province, in which a German citizen was shot dead.

The Executive Branch ordered the dismissals  following the recommendations of the Higher Police Council.

Three colonels, one lieutenant colonel, one major, 11 captains, 34 first and second lieutenants, 11 sergeant majors and sergeants, two corporals and five privates are on the list of dismissed agents.

They are colonels Raymundo de la Rosa Ogando and Roberto Salcedo Santos,  first lieutenants Juan María Toribio Castillo, Francis Sánchez Fernández, Juan María Toribio Castillo and  Nilson Peña Encarnación,  and second lieutenant Félix Silverio.

Meanwhile, two colonels were removed from the police ranks after sexual abuse accusations. Miguel Ángel Méndez Moquete is accused of sexually abusing his underage daughter and Hamlet Manuel Regalado is accused of raping a minor.

El Caribe newspaper writes that since Monday, 26 August General Pablo Almonte Morales has been under arrest at Police Headquarters under orders from the Higher Police Council as a result of his actions in the La Mulata III case. As the highest-ranking Police authority, the Council found that Almonte Morales acted without tact, or efficient command and control. The same criteria were applied to former National Police spokesman, General Maximo Baez Aybar and General Ney Bautista Almonte. Baez Aybar was head of Criminal Investigations and Bautista Almonte was head of Criminal Intelligence. In the case of Baez Aybar, his ten-day sentence was not served in the Police Headquarters, and “without prejudice to his functions.” Bautista Almonte was only verbally punished.

Source: Dominican Today and DR1

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