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Leonel Fernandez: “The Dominican Republic cannot be a racist country”

LA VEGA. Former President Leonel Fernandez Reyna said yesterday in La Vega that the Dominican Republic cannot be a racist nation, as he indicated that the country is a symbol of the struggle and the resistance against racial discrimination of the Dominican people and the world.

“The Dominican Republic cannot be a racist country because the Dominican Republic is made up of a mulatto people, a mulatto people means a racial exchange between blacks and whites,” he said.

He argued that a mulatto society implies a relationship between blacks and whites, and means that the Dominican Republic is the most racially tolerant society in the world, because it implicates precisely this mixture between blacks and whites.

“I want to say here that we feel profoundly proud, as Dominicans, of our African and Hispanic roots because we believe in a multiracial, pluralist, integrated society such as is the Dominican Republic, and make no mistake about this,” Fernandez Reyna said.

The former President issued these statements as he gave a speech before the crypt of the leader and founder of the Dominican Liberation Party, Professor Juan Bosch, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the party. He said that at times they try to manipulate the world, trying to create a false perception of what the country is in terms of respect for human dignity. “IT was here in the territory of what is not the Dominican Republic where the first slave revolt in the whole world took place,” said the former Chief of State.

In another line of thought, the former President assured the audience that the PLD would win the 2016 Presidential Elections with more than 50% of the votes, after saying that the projects and achievements of the PLD administrations are the guarantee of a new electoral victory.

Source: Diariolibre

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