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La Mulata case: RD$30 million not RD$60 million are missing

An inventory presented to the Attorney General Office by the German Consulate indicates that in the raid carried out in La Mulata III residential community in Sosua on 12 October 2012 the missing assets are worth around RD$31 million, not the RD$60 million in two safe boxes as originally published in the press.

Diario Libre reports that assistant prosecutor Bolivar Sanchez says that the Germans claimed that firearms, bulletproof vests, household appliances, food, clothing, watches, cameras, jewels, an armored SUV and an ambulance have gone missing. The consulate inventory is for RD$30,964,435 in assets, including RD$40,000 in cash. The inventory does not identify the firearms that were found, including grenades, dynamite and Molotov cocktails, reports Diario Libre.

Sanchez disputed the German family’s attempts to present the late Peter Brunck as “an angel”. He said that one of Brunck’s sons had left the sect, reportedly because Brunck had raped his son’s wife.

Sanchez said that on the day of the raid, the security guard refused to open the gate and that was when the shots that killed Brunck were fired, also injuring three policemen and a Haitian who worked as gardener.

Sanchez said that many of the firearms had been imported illegally by one of the sect members, a pilot whose license was cancelled. He said that Brunck was injured in a robbery in Puerto Plata two years ago, which is why he traveled in a bulletproof vehicle. He added that Brunck was linked to the murder of a lawyer. The assistant prosecutor went on to say that the Germans justified the weapons and the ambulance by saying that they were expecting war to break out and they were preparing for the end of the world.

Sanchez said that the weapons that were seized included two caliber 562mm rifles with telescopic viewers, Molotov cocktails, three sticks of dynamite, shotguns, guns, gun power, rifles, firearm silencers, professional crossbows with scopes. There was a firing practice zone in a 40-foot freight container, from where 150 used cartridges were recovered.

Sanchez told Diario Libre that the late Peter Brunck and his fellow Germans ran a religious sect in the area searched by police and judiciary. Sanchez said that Brunck and his followers had been expelled from South Africa where they operated a series of special funeral services with cold storage for dozens of bodies, suspected of being used for organ trafficking. He said however that they were not able to find proof of this kind of operation in the raid in Sosua.

Sanchez said that internal differences between the Germans themselves had led to the investigation by the authorities.

The group called themselves The Academy for Future Health. Sanchez said that the Germans who raised the alarm were Georgina Anita Irmgaard Monter, Klaus Dieter Muller, Georg Fridolin Fischer, Sylvania Fischier and Agnes Maria Mathilde Wittman who complained about Brunck’s actions.

As reported in El Dia, Sanchez said that the Germans claim that 39 firearms, several cameras, a wedding ring, a gold chain and computers worth RD$30.9 million are missing, but are not claiming the other firearms that they possessed illegally.

Source: DR1, Diario Libre

Read this in Spanish: Cifran en RD$30.9 millones lo sustraĆ­do durante allanamiento en Puerto Plata

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