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Korean cars dominate Dominican market

SANTO DOMINGO. The preference of Dominicans when they elect the type of vehicle that they want to buy is becoming more diversified all the time, closing gaps between traditional brands and others which years ago were not so common in the market, but have experience large growth in the vehicular market.

Japan, as the country of origin of the majority of the vehicles that are used in the country was displaced this year and moved to second place. Korea took over first place with the country importing thousands of vehicles that operate with LPG, an fuel which sells for RD$108.50 per gallon, while gasoline is at RD$249.40 for premium and RD$234.80 for regular. The gallon of diesel is not at RD$219.70.

According to data from the Association of Concessionaires of Vehicle Manufacturers (Acofave), the estimated number of sales of new vehicles during 2013 was 18,997 units. Of these 5,363 were Korean vehicles, 5.031 were Japanese. In third and fourth place were the United States and China, with 1,877 and 1,229 respectively. All the while Germany is in fifth place with a total of 1.105 vehicles sold.

Acofave stresses that in the case of China, which is in fourth place, when a few years ago these vehicles did not even exist on the market.

From Japan comes the well known brands of Toyota, Honda and Nissan, which for years have been the most popular among Dominicans, due to their quality and the ease of obtaining parts; and from Korea comes the Hyundai and the Kia, the two brands with the greatest growth in imports over the last few years.

For example, in 2011 the vehicle importers brought 57,663 vehicles, both new and used, of which 10,620 were Toyota; 6,261 were Honda; 5,731 were Ford, 5,667 were Hyundai; 4,259 were Nissan, 3,181 were Chevrolet and 2,128 were Kia. This list only mentions those marks with more than 2,000 units imported and is based on statistical data from the National Association of New and Used Vehicle Importers (Anadive).

For 2012, the amount of Toyotas imported was 10,761, barely 141 units more than the year before. For Honda, there were 6,596, some 335 units more than in 2011. Nevertheless, Hyundai went up to third place, displacing Ford, with a total of 6,474 units for an increase of 807 more units than the year before. Ford fell to 3,965.

The Kia brand rose from seventh place to fifth with a total of 3,198 units a difference of 1,070 vehicles.

Cesar de los Santos, the Anadive president explains that the Korean brands enjoy great acceptance due to the fact that their prices in the market are more accessible. He refers to the fact that above all the cars that come equipped for using LPG. “Those are vehicles which in the majority are used and come for the middle class market and are sold cheaper,” he noted. He also mentioned the case of the American cars, which due to their import are covered under the DR-CAFTA free trade agreement, come into the country duty free, which means a lower sales price to the public and therefore is an attraction for the client.

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