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Jobs crisis: Europe’s great migration

Later this week Europe’s leaders will gather in Brussels on a mission to fight unemployment. They have identified the 26 million out of work as a threat to the European Union.

Recently the French President, Francois Hollande, warned of hatred and anger, with people turning their backs on the European project. The president of the European Investment Bank, Werner Hoyer, spoke of unemployment undermining the trust of a whole generation.

Whilst Europe debates how jobs are created, tens of thousands of young Europeans are on the move in search of work. They are part of a great migration.

For many, Germany is the land of opportunity and jobs. In 2012, 45,000 Italians moved to Germany. The Spanish were not far behind, with 37,000 heading in the same direction; 35,000 Greeks also left for Germany.

Germany needs these migrants. The Association of German Engineers says it wants 70,000 engineers immediately. When scientists and IT specialists are included, the figure goes up to 200,000.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is laying out the welcome mat. Not only does Germany need these skills, but she believes migration will go some way to alleviating Europe’s unemployment. She says that the young and unemployed should be prepared to move to find work.

Unemployment rates

  • Greece – 27%
  • Spain – 26.8%
  • Portugal – 17.8%
  • Cyprus – 15.6%
  • Rep of Ireland – 13.5%
  • Italy – 12%
  • France – 11%
  • EU average – 11%
  • UK – 7.7%
  • Germany – 5.4%

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