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Human trafficking: Just five sentences in ten years

SD. Between 2006 and 2013 there has not been one conviction for human trafficking. Ten years after law 137-03 on Illicit Trafficking of Immigrants and Human Trafficking went into effect, there have been just five sentences given to traffickers who dealt in the white slave traffic for the sexual exploitation of women. Of this number, two were achieved in 2013 after a period of seven years, while this issue appeared to be forgotten by the Justice Department.

“The first sentence that we achieved this year came about in April, with a sentence for 10 years in jail for two defendants implicated in human trafficking. The second conviction came in May, when the sentence handed down was for 15 years for a woman accused of human trafficking and fraud,” according to Jonathan Baro, the director of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office Against Human Trafficking and Immigration.

According to statistical information supplied by this department of the Justice Department, as a result of the creation of Law 137-03, in 2004 there was a case in the Jurisdiction of Santiago, and the first conviction for this crime. On that occasion the defendant received a five year prison sentence for having violated articles 3 and 4, paragraphs1,2,5,6and 7 of the statute.

In 2005 and 2006 in Santo Domingo, there were seven persons who received 15 year sentences in two cases of sexual exploitation. Nevertheless, from 2006 until 2013 there were seven years without a single sentence for this crime, in spite of the proliferation of the cases of human trafficking.

A glance at some of the results of investigations carried out between 2003 and 2010, on cases of Dominican women that were trafficked overseas stresses the fact that among the diverse expressions of human trafficking, sexual exploitation was the principle activity to which the victims were subjected.

The jurist of the Center of Guidance and Integrated Research (COIN), Liliana Pavon, recalls that in 2008 there was a case heard in the courts, which after favoring the victims in the first instance, under appeal the defendant was favored.

This was a case of two Dominican women that were taken to Argentina with an offer of work taking care of the elderly and cleaning houses; upon arriving they were taken to a house of prostitution from where they escaped and filed a complaint with the Police of that country.

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