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Hugo Chavez is dead: Official claims enemies infected him with cancer

President Hugo Chavez is dead, but just hours before this was announced, claims from that country that enemies of their homeland gave Chavez the cancer had hit the headlines. According to Fox News live on Tuesday, March 5, 2013, due to the death of Chavez,Venezuela will hold an election to replace him, but until another president is elected, the head of Congress, Diosdado Cabello, will assume the seat as an interim president.

Fox News reports that it was the vice president of Venezuela who made the claims today about Chavez’s cancer was given to him by the country’s enemies as he said:

“We have no doubt” that Chavez’s cancer, which was first diagnosed in June 2011, was induced by foul play by “the historical enemies of our homeland.”

According to the Daily Mail Tuesday, The country’s late president had previously shared his own opinion of his cancer diagnosis, saying he believed the U.S. was responsible for infecting Latin American leaders with cancer using technology created in the U.S. for this purpose.

Nicolas Maduro, who was the man to announce the death of Chavez to the world, also stated that his cancer was something he became infected with from their enemies and compared it with how Yasser Arafat was “inoculated with an illness.” Chavez, who was very anti-American, was still a young man when he died at only 58.

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