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Historical film: Lt. Amado García Guerrero, the tyrant’s escort is a national hero

Huchi Lora rushed home. He parked his car in the garage and entered his home, where he was expected by his wife, Betty Echavarria, who greeted him with a kiss. It was 2:30 pm, the scheduled time for the interview.  Although there was fiercely sun rising temperature, this in no way reduced the enthusiasm with which Lora was willing to talk about the movie.

“Hey, I’m promoting a film,” said the veteran giving a smile to his wife, as he sat down in a couch, back to lunch and served at the table.  The joy of the renowned journalist overflows because on August 1st, next Thursday, there is a premier of the new film about Lt. Amado in the movie theaters nationwide.

In 90 minutes, Lora tells the story of the brave officer, Lt. Amado García Guerrero. He was a Rafael Leónidas Trujillo dictator’s escort. He enrolled in the plan to remove the tyrant, after he had been forced to kill a prisoner and been banned from marring his girlfriend, under the allegation that the family was against it.

Despite his skill as a writer, Lora had to learn screenwriting software and typical terminology of this genre. He devoted several months to researches, consultations and documents examinations.

Remember that even when Lt. Amado was not the leader of the moment, his achievement is of great value because it was the only active military movement, a member of the escort of the dictator, and who revealed to the group that Trujillo would go that night to his ranch in San Christopher, wearing an olive green uniform.

Also he was the one who pulled a combat shooting the driver of Trujillo, Captain Zachary Cross, who counterattacked with machine guns, allowing Antonio de la Maza to approach the tyrant and shoot the explosive shot.

Besides the family who knew of the officer’s life through General Amado Ramiro Matos, who was his companion in arms, the former guerrilla Claudio Caamano, his friend, and military expert and former Minister of the Armed Forces, José Miguel Soto Jimenez.

It is an action film based on real events, which has an attachment to historical events, but with the use of dialogues. It is made for young people who did not live during that bloody dictatorship regime, so they can leave the theater with awareness of why such regime is unacceptable, and fight to never repeat it.

The regime was forced to terminate his relationship with the young college girl Luisa Gil, who longed to marry, because his brother Rene Gil did not accept the regime, and labeled a dissent.

“In a macabre plan to engage young officers with the dictatorship, Lt. Amado was taken to the torture chamber of the 40 and forced to kill a prisoner, blindfolded, who had been tortured, and then he was told that that prisoner was the brother of his girlfriend.”

That fact  traumatized Lt. Amado, so he got himself sold on the Salvador Estrella Sadhalá’s plan.  Amadito, as he was known, was a cousin of the wife of Star Urania Sadhalá, and did not rest the idea to materialize the tyrant’s death.

“! Want him dead now!,”- says Lieutenant in one of the dialogues of the film. “The intention of selecting the lieutenant Amado as the main character in the film is due to the transcendental meaning: Even among military personnel involved in the worst dictatorship, there were noble men, who could be the seed of liberty,” says the writer .

History records that Amado was wounded in the foot, on May 30, and on June 1, he was hidden at his aunt America García Pereyra’s place and died heroically in combat with the forces of the Military Intelligence Service (SIM). The house where he was staying on Avenida San Martin, was destroyed by shells, Amadito body was gone. He was born on June 2, 1928 and died on June 2, 1961. He was only 33.

Source: Sosua Digital

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