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Haitian man and woman got chopped in the Dominican Republic

Since the September 23 ruling by the Dominican Republic’s top Constitutional Court to revoke citizenship to Haitian born children in the DR after 1929, many Haitians have been slaughtered in the Dominican Republic. Many of them were killed while they were voluntarily returning to their native homeland. The man and women in the pictures were murdered respectively on November 25th and December 11th of 2013. The woman, explains Jacques Stanley in his Facebook’s page, was killed by Dominicans in the border of Dajabon, Dominican Republic, as she was fleeing to Haiti.

Haitians are being slaughtered and humiliated in the Dominican Republic almost on an everyday basis. 95 % of the poor Haitians working in the Dominican Republic are being robbed of their personal belongings and hard earned sweat money continuously. The highly rate of Haitians being killed or massacred while working in the Dominican Republic is as high as 90 %. The Dominican Government has never done or said anything to stop the genocides. People Need To Know !

Source: CNN

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  1. Stocker

    While I am against any persecution of Haitians, I don’t think this story has any place in the “News” section. 95% of Haitians robbed and 90% massacred? That’s clearly a gross exaggeration. I know many Haitians here, none of whom have been robbed or massacred!

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