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Government fails goal of cleaning up Duquesa

SDN. The goal that was proposed by the Ministry of Public Works (OP) of finishing today the work on the project of cleaning up the Duquesa landfill and its surroundings was not reached.

The work, which consists in the repair of the internal road network, and the access roads to the garbage dump; the construction of an underpass between the Jacobo Majluta and the Los Casabes highway, as well as the asphalting of streets and the construction of sidewalks and gutters in the community of Los Casabes, showed as of yesterday about 50% completion, according to a source that was consulted.

It will be recalled that last 9 December, the minister himself, Gonzalo Castillo, said that the goal was to end the repairs by 30 December of this year.

Even though he said at that time that the roads in Duquesa “are not normal,” he hinted that the repairs would take some time.

“We hope that the crisis situation that the landfill has been going through can be overcome in the next 30 to 45 days,” he said last 31 September, the day on which he announced the repairs at a cost of RD$60 million.

OP at work on roads; has seven platforms blocked

Of the nine platforms for dumping refuse which Duquesa has, only three are able to be used to unload.

“The reason is that where the platforms are is where Public Works is fixing up the internal roads,” explained the landfill’s administrator, Rijo Melendez.

In this sense, he noted that the garbage trucks cannot unload their refuse because they run the risk of contaminating the work that is finished. “You can understand that the trucks, at times, along the roads that are open, often let garbage fall,” he added. Nonetheless, he stressed that today another platform could be used.

Platform for the National District?

Regarding the possibility of designating a platform for the exclusive use of the City Government of the National District (ADN), Melendez said: “what we have done is give them facilities because they are the largest providers of refuse…., and they will dump in a place where other trucks cannot get to because of the poor state of the road. Here, nobody has platforms.”

Garbage in the streets

The administrator of Duquesa did not understand how, with the accumulation of garbage that persists in the streets and avenues of Greater Santo Domingo, the last garbage truck arrived last Thursday at 6:45 p.m.

“A city complete filled with garbage, and the city councils are the ones supposed to collect the garbage, and they finish their work at 6:45 in the afternoon, and they want to demand that the administration of Duquesa opens in the early dawn,” he said.

Yesterday, the operations in the landfill were normal, according to what was seen by Diario Libre reporters.

“The landfill at Duquesa does not have a closing time; it is open as long as there are trucks coming,” noted Melendez.

Source: Diariolibre

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