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Fun Fun Cave Adventure

Price per person: inquire

This expedition goes beyond the limits of what is known, and takes you back to ancient times as you enter the FUN FUN CAVE, one of the largest caves in the country.

The unforgettable adventure begins with a delicious breakfast of fresh tropical fruit. After breakfast, attendants are dressed in special clothing followed by a brief training from our highly secured team of professional before entering the underworld.

The journey begins with a ride to the start of the karst (limestone coral home in Los Haitises) continued by a walk through the rainforest located in the middle of the Haitises. In this Dominican reserve the rain forest and small conical mountains blend in an ecosystem with one of the richest biodiversity in the Caribbean West Indian .

The hike ends at one of the many cracks, or chimneys, the cave has as an entrance. With the help of our professional guides you will be descending into the cave by rope rappel from a height of approximately 20 meters. If you would like, you could turn off your lanterns and experience what absolute darkness means making this a one-of-a-kind experience.

From this moment on guides will lead you through large tunnels and underground corridors filled with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, lava, columns and stunning crystals created from the limestone dissolved in the water. Listen to the different sounds emitted by the stalagmites, all coming together to create a perfect symphony in the undergrounds of the Earth.

You will feel the water under your feet as you pass through a river that turns into a tunnel you can decide to cross swimming or take an alternative route.

As the water volume increases, you will see hundreds of bats flying above you. These creatures play a tremendous role in the ecology’s equilibrium.

A few meters away from the tunnel you will see a light that guides you to the main entrance of Fun Fun Cave. It is a spectacular panorama: large rocks, abundant vegetation and the heritage of Hispanic culture in the presence of petroglyphs, rock art and ancient religious magic, the Taino’s most important legacy.

Once outside, the awaiting horses will ride you back to the ranch where you will enjoy a rich buffet of delicious Dominican food and beverage.

An experience like this is unique, unrepeatable and full of adrenaline, taking you one step closer to living life to the fullest.

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