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First immigration survey 2012

According to the First National Immigrants in the Dominican Republic Survey (ENI-2012) issued by the Dominican Board of Evangelical Units (CODUE), a total of 5.4% of the population living in the Dominican Republic is made up of immigrants and of those 87.3% have been born in Haiti.

The study is considered as the most encompassing carried out in the country to date. According to ENI-2012, there are 524,632 immigrants with 458,233 of them being from Haiti. There are more than 60 from other countries. Aside from Haiti, most immigrants are from the United States (13,514), Spain (6,720), Puerto Rico (4,416), Italy (4,040), China (3,643), France (3,599), Venezuela (3,434), Cuba (3,145), Colombia (2,738) and Germany (1,792).

The data was presented at a Meeting of the First National Immigrants in the Dominican Republic Survey, headed up by CODUE and its president Reverend Fidel Lorenzo Meran, together with World Vision in the Dominican Republic, directed by Carolyn Rose.

Explanations were given by Elba Franco, United Nations project coordinator who said that the survey would be a tool for the carrying out of social programs by government, the churches and non-governmental organizations in different communities.

She said that 13,449 immigrants were interviewed and that the sample covered around 68,000 homes. The study covered areas such as health, labor force, marital status, children, migratory history and employment record prior to immigration.

The survey showed that overall some 64.4% of the immigrants were male. Amongst the Haitians, 65.4% were male, while among the rest of the nationalities, the percentage of males was 57.5%.


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