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Farmer switches to biodigestors: saves RD$1.0 million in electricity and diesel

SD. The raw material for producing alternative energy based on biodigestors consists in the fecal material and dead animals, with the pigs representing the best source, explained Miguel Lajara, the president of Sanut.

Farmer/producer Wilfredo Bautista explained that with regard to chickens, these should be in cages and not on the ground in order to take advantage of pure dung.

According to his explanations, in this country 50% of the birds are in cages, Lajara continues explaining: “We are talking about two point five million egg layers. Regarding pigs, we are talking about a population of 30,000 brood sows distributed among large, medium and small farmers. In the large producers, about 90% are already involved with the development of biodigestors.

In the process of producing energy, the manure goes by gravity towards a pit. The anaerobic process completely removes the material from oxygen, allowing the production of methane. This gas goes to an electricity generator, where some impurities are filtered out and generally returns again to the coop where it can be used to warm up the first days of new-born chicks.

“There are projects here that to warm up broods were spending two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand for LPG, and that LPG as been substituted by this methane,” says Lajara.

Twenty-two month disconnected from the CDEEE, and no standby generator

SD. Given the historic deficiency of the national electrical system, which presents difficulties in supplying the rural areas, and the desire to protect the environment, the egg and pork farmer Wilfredo Bautista takes advantage of the manure from his animals in order to produce his own energy based on biodigestors, and with satisfaction he says that he “has been disconnected from the CDEEE for 22 months.”

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