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Family smokes on plane, arrested, and now may face lawsuit from Sunwing

The story of a family of three caught smoking on a Sunwing Vacations flight from Halifax to the Dominican Republic may face a lawsuit by Sunwing, the Globe and Mail reported Monday. The flight had to be diverted because of the family’s alleged unruly behavior after they were asked to stop smoking.

Now the family may be sued for $40,000, the cost of the flight diversion, the Globe and Mail reports.

CBC News first reported Monday that police boarded the plane Friday night in Bermuda and arrested the three on board.

Click here for a previous article with more details and background of what happened, including a link to photos of the smoking family outside a Bermuda police station and outside court this week.

The Bermuda-based newspaper, the Royal Gazette reported that the family’s name was McNeil. According to the Gazette, David McNeil Sr plead guilty to counts of behaving in a disorderly manner and calling a member of the flight crew an obscenity.

Mother Donna McNeil also plead guilty to disobeying an order from the flight crew.

The Gazette reports that the problem started when son David McNeil was not allowed access to the plane’s bathroom shortly after it took off. He was initially charged with smoking on the plane and plead not guilty.

The parents were fined $500 each. They were ordered to pay the fine immediately or face ten days in jail.

Bernews reported that the senior McNeil said to the flight attendant, “You f—- a$%#oles, I just pissed all over your floor.”

Witnesses told reporters that the family had been drinking.

What is your opinion about this escapade about a family of three ejected from a plane for smoking aboard? Do you think the $500 fine should have been more? Or should they have been let off with only a warning. Do you think Sunwing should sue the McNeil family? Have you ever witnessed anyone smoking on a plane? What did you do? Leave your comments below.

The issue of smoking on planes no doubt was brought to a new level by this Canadian family who caused such a ruckus on this flight. No doubt this is not the last we have heard on the saga of the family who smoked on a plane.


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