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Equestrian Center Hacienda del Caballo A y G, El Choco Road Sosua

Horses are not just beautiful but they are intelligent and perceptive animals. Scientists are studying the healing power of  horses: how they perceive the world around them, their ability to understand and remember emotions such as love, pain or fear. Horses are able to learn and respond to the world around them with subtle stimuli – it could be in their environment or even changes in the humans around them such as body language or vocal intonations.  In this regard, horses teach people to be patient, calm and protective.

Horses are effective in helping treat people with everything from behavior and communication problems, Autism, Downs Syndrome, and even those with physical issues such as scoliosis or the loss of a limb.  They are mirroring animals so the more you trust, accept and confidently guide them, the more responsive they become back. In this sense they become a metaphor for communication – without the child even realizing it. The more confident, open and gentle the child is, the more the horse opens up and responds.

To know that a powerful animal has connected with you and shown love, slowly changes how the child works with the animal and consequently, in the world around him or her. It’s what makes horses ideal to work with for therapeutic purposes – they seem to understand the give and take.

Right here in Sosua, there is a special place to visit and experience first hand the healing power of horses. At Hacienda A y G, in El Choco Road located 400 meters past Haciendas El Choco, Angela Grifo Cruz works with horses at all levels.

The ranch is a complete center: boarding, training, riding instruction.  There are also a variety of horses to experience: thoroughbreds retired from horse racing, Paso finos with blood lines going back to when Columbus visited this island, and paint horses ideal for barrel racing.  Visit this tranquil place and discover how much horses can teach you!


Sosua, El Choco Road (3,7 km from highway)
500 m past “Haciendas El Choco”
Tel: 809-507-4013 | Email:

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