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Ecological organization SOMONCA sounds alarm bell

The ecological organization of Sosúa, Cabarete and Montellano (SOMONCA), led by, among others, Milo Martínez and Garry Kooy, is sounding the alarm bell! They demand more attention for the increasing pollution of the two rivers Sosúa and Yasica. Both rivers are still used as an open sewer. But also the sewage discharge from the neighborhoods La Unión and Villa Liberación straight into the ocean near the Gregorio Luperón airport causes major problems.

Through this discharge of waste water (called black water here) the fish population is reduced to almost zero and the coral reef near the airport and the two rivers is completely gone. During a visit by the President to Cabarete, Danilo Medina said that he is also concerned about the destruction of the environment. He has set up a committee, headed by Lic. Francisco Matos Mancebo (congressman) to make an inventory of the problems and to come up with solutions. It is thought to be a program of reforestation and installing water purification plants.
The owners of the diving schools in Sosúa and Cabarete also complain about the demise of coral reefs. Fortunately, there are still several places in between Sosúa and Cabarete with coral reefs that make a dive worth it. Especially the coral growth and tropical fish near the sunk ship at the bend at Playa Chiquita is a popular location for divers.

Source: Sosua News

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