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Duquesa crisis threatens Christmas-time hygiene

SD. The streets of Greater Santo Domingo continue to be full of garbage. This is one crisis that has been caused by the impossibility of the garbage trucks to deposit their loads in the Duquesa refuse dump, although lately the situation has improved.

The City Council of North Santo Domingo (ASDN) assured reporters yesterday that they would keep the Duquesa dump open until the other municipalities that deposit their refuse there do not have any backups in their daily collections.

The person in charge of operations at Duquesa for the ASDN, Rijo Melendez told the Diario Libre that since last Saturday the work has gone on “excellently well” and that this dump will stay open until the other cities stop sending trucks.

“On Saturday we worked until twelve midnight, And today (yesterday) we will continue to stay open as long as the other cities want,” Melendez stated.

In the meantime the City Council of the National District (ADN) said that their delay over the problems that have been presented at the garbage dump represent a complete day of work. “We estimate the garbage that we have in the streets at 2,000 tons and we have to collect it in order to get out of this crisis,” said the director of City Cleaning for the National District, Oscar Garcia Arias.

Source: Diariolibre

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  1. Samson

    Closing the dump when there is no alternative?? Come on – who thought that one up??

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