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Dominican workers “look where there ain’t” on measly salaries

Santo Domingo.- No studies have shown how he does it, but by supporting three children, pay rent, bus fare, food, school, medicine and clothing with a RD$9,200 per month salary makes Carlos a “financial juggler.”

A report by on “Carlos” shows that he, for starters, has to pay 3,000 pesos for rent, around 2,000 for baby items, 2,500 in the supermarket, 1,000 for gas for his motorbike, lunch money for his children and when they get sick, has to “look where there ain’t.”

But what’s worse, he’s usually forced to borrow money at loan sharks’ interest.

And no wonder, Carlos is a driver for a company that pays a salary which doesn’t even half the current average cost of such a household, of RD$23,398.58 per month, according to the Central Bank’s Consumer Price Index for 2010

That’s why Carolos and most workers have joined voices in various protests to demand a wage increase.

But while labor unions demand a 30% increase to the minimum wage, employers not only offer a raise of only 9%, they also want to strike the severance pay in the proposed amendment to the Labor Code.

Source: DT

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