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Dominican Republic court ruling prompts call for boycott

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Following a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of the Dominican Republic stripping many Dominican-born residents of their citizenship, Caribbean News Now reader Pierre F. Lherisson has called for a boycott of Dominican Republic products.

As explained by Caribbean News Now columnist Jean H Charles, on September 23, 2013, the Supreme Court of the Dominican Republic handed down the decision TC0168/13 in the matter of Juliana Deguis Pierre, 28, a Dominican citizen with four children born in the Dominican Republic, ruling against her and all persons similarly situated.

The ruling stated that those persons born after 1929 in the Dominican Republic of parents that did not have proper documents while entering and continuing to live in the Dominican Republic without legalization are henceforth stripped of their Dominican citizenship. The ruling will be enforced by all the branches of the Dominican government.

While the decision is global, it is of particular concern to some 210,000 Haitian-Dominicans who were born in the Dominican Republic, have received their birth certificates, have been to school in the Dominican Republic, have lived a normal life in the Dominican Republic and have little or no attachment to Haiti.

According to Lherisson, this is a dangerous precedent in international law, in particular at a time when the global economy is taking a downward turn.

“Imagine that the Nordic European countries such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland for geopolitical, economic or any plausible reasons decide one day to rejuvenate the 19th century racist theories by revoking the nationality of their citizens from southern European ancestry that have been there for many generations such as Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Turkish to name a few, under the pretext that they are genetically less Caucasians and morphologically more African because the ancestors of those latter groups of people were born relatively closer to the African continent. Such hypothetical racist nonsense would destroy the European continent,” Lherisson said.

“I am urging the Caribbean countries, Africa, and the black Diaspora to boycott Dominican products,” he added.

Source: Caribbean News Now

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