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Dominican Republic bids to join Commonwealth

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso announced on Sunday that the country will make approaches with a view to joining the British Commonwealth, an international organization made up of 54 countries with close political and economic relations with the United Kingdom.

“It is a membership that will consolidate our common values that were already shared and that, together with Haiti, we must continue to strengthen: democracy, freedom, culture of peace, the rule of law and equality of opportunities,” declared Morales Troncoso.

In a press release, the foreign minister stated that the Dominican business sector has been calling for the country to join the Commonwealth for decades, on the grounds that it is a political platform that will allow Dominican society to access a network of interactions that will strengthen education, health, trade, the environment and the justice system.

“In the same way as we joined the ACP in 1990 together with Haiti, we should do the same thing with the Commonwealth. We hope to have the support of India, Australia and Malaysia in this initiative,” said the minister.

The three countries mentioned by foreign minister Morales Troncoso, as well as being members of the Commonwealth, have diplomatic relations with the Dominican Republic, which could help strengthen the country’s international connections.

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  1. Samson

    Wow, will have to think about that. They are wanting to join some pretty advanced countries which have been based on British law and influence, not Spanish and Napoleonic laws (guilty by accusation). I think that it is a good idea but some changes will be required before acceptance which will take some time and determination..

  2. Samson

    Personally I am very proud of the British Comonwealth which replaced the British Empire.
    I wonder how the Dominicans will react to having a Queen!!
    I just asked my maid and she was very much in favour!

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