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Defendant says he knew Claudio Nasco nine months ago

SD. Oscar Perez (Yandel) who admitted having stabbed the television personality Claudio Nasco, revealed that he had gone out between ten and eleven times with the journalist, who he allegedly met on an internet page which is used just by gays.

“It’s true, we tied him up, I had the knife, it was mine.” The narration was done in front of the District Attorney for the National District, and confirmed during the hearing of the coercive measures by the judge for Permanent Attention, Jose Alejandro Vargas.

“I have known Nasco for around nine months, I was the first who went out with him, later we did it with two friends Luis Manuel Ponciano (Macuto or Anderson) and Joel Rodriguez (Pateo) with whom we would meet at twelve on Luperon Avenue.” He added that there the four would get in Nasco’s vehicle and arrive at the cabana where they had sex for pay.

“I am under arrest because Nasco and I had agreed that it was RD$12,000 for the three, Luis Manuel, Joel and I, he owed us money from before that he said he was going to give us and he did not, about RD$25,000.” Perez indicated that the NCDN announcer passed by the Plaza Luperon to pick him up and they arrived at the Chevere Motel, located on the 30 de Mayo Highway, and once there they decided to collect their money “before doing the job.” According to his words, they felt that they had been tricked when they received just RD$2,800 for the three of them, which they did not accept and they decided to walk out. “When we were leaving with the money, we tied him up so we could go, and then he said that he had the number on us and he knew where we lived and that we were going to have serious problems with him.”

He said that Luis Manuel tied up Nasco and in a carless moment, he knocked the knife out of his hand, which was picked up by the defendant. “Nasco took hold of the shirt in order to collect the clothes that Nasco had taken from Joel and when he bent down, I stabbed him.” He said he did not know if the others also did so because he went out and came back.


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