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Cruise ship adrift Passengers fight over food and use buckets for toilets

New reports from the cruise ship adrift off Mexico’s coast has the passengers on the crippled ocean vessel acting like “savages.” They are stuck on a Carnival cruise ship that is without power about 150 miles off the coast of Mexico. According to Mail Online Monday, Feb. 11, 2013, because the ship is without power, the toilets are not working and the ocean travelers have resigned themselves into using buckets and bags in lieu of a toilet.

A fire in the engine room rendered the ship without power, leaving the ship drifting aimlessly. Tug boats have been dispatched to tow the ship into the nearest Mexican port, but the ship is not expected to make that port until later today. The 4,000 plus passengers and crew are sleeping in tents on the deck because without air conditioning the cabins get too hot to occupy.

Fights broke out over food as supplies dwindled. There is no power to cook, and much of what was stocked aboard to feed the passengers can’t be used without cooking it first. The fire in the engine room was extinguished by the ship’s personal, so the passengers are not in danger. The ocean travelers went from a mode of luxury to a mode of survival without even the basic necessities available to them.

According to Fox News on Monday morning, the Carnival ship Elation was on the scene providing the Triumph with food and supplies, so this will hopefully alleviate some of the panic around the food and stop the passengers from fighting.

The Triumph left port in Galveston, Texas on Thursday and was due back in the same port today, Monday, Feb. 11. Instead the tug boats will tow the ship to the nearest Mexican port and the passengers will need to fly home.

Carnival has already promised to refund the cost of the cruise to the passengers plus give them credit in the amount that they spent on this cruise for future use. They are also refunding anything the passengers purchased while on the ship, along with reimbursing the weary travelers for their expenses to get home.

The next two Triumph cruises have been canceled by Carnival with the ship’s line offering some perks to the passengers who were booked for those dates. Those cruises were due to depart on Feb. 11 and Feb. 16.


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