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Corrupt Municipality and Large Sea Side Developer is purposely Destroying Sosua Business and Growth!

The local Municipality, a large Seaside condominium developer (not Hispaniola) and a shallow minded “anti sex tourist” association, is gradually forcing small to large businesses to shut down or simply destroying them by throwing the owners in jail! Some of the businesses closed so far are El Colibri Hotel, Passions, Cuba Libre, City Lights, Del Toro Dicoteca, 20+ massage salons and many more. Many other business owners are scared of potentially also being victimized and they are furious on behalf of their already victimized friends who are already out of business or behind bars.

The Authorities are supposedly being bribed by a Large Sea Side Condominium complex Investor, (and possibly by other such Investors), to make sure that any business in Sosua that could be related to having visits by “working girls” or “Sex Tourists”, must be shut down, whether this be done by force or by police using dirty tactics framing the owners by planting drugs in their establishments, or by accusing them for dealing with minors. The again increasing amount of police and Military deployed for these purposes are a sad sign of what they are still planning to destroy. The authorities and their shallow minded mob, seem to have the goal of turning Sosua into an innocent yet heavily controlled little beach town, supporting only Family Tourism. What a delusion!!

For several decades this town’s back bone has largely been the sex tourist, from which it has received Billions of dollars, and through this, it has kept tens of thousands of families alive both locally and nationally (Families that the DR authorities never bothered supporting or educating! Whether you like it or not, prostitution is the families survival and feeds hungry little babies!). So to continue strangling Sosua with weekly attacks on businesses, is like committing “financial suicide”, creating massive unemployment, raising crime, rapes and murders, both to be committed by a desperate public and like experienced so often – mostly by the police themselves! This kind of future “hell hole”, no family would want to come and visit anyway!

They continue to destroy Sosua’s reputation with their ongoing interference in humans lives and business through: Allowing police and military to violate both foreigners and Dominicans by blackmailing us for money, ceasing our assets and/or business, manipulating and making threats to how we should run our business, arresting innocent vendors, extorting money from us or our businesses will be attacked and shut down, victimizing us by placing us in jail over crimes never committed and the list goes on…

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT:  Rise up against their evil pursuit, get the name of the police and involve your lawyer if you are harassed, strike, launch video’s and write-up’s on YouTube, through Facebook, twitter etc.., go on TV, give enough people the awareness and get some pressure pushing the other way before it’s too late!! HELP SAVE SOSUA – UNITED WE STAND – APART WE FALL!

P.S. If the municipality Supported growth of both sex tourism and family tourism (just organised so the two geographical areas don’t overlap too much) then when the working girls make plenty of money, then the entrepreneurial ones out of them would soon start small businesses or invest in studying for preferred jobs instead – let society grow! Government is always much more of a hindrance than a help!

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