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Claro Puerto Plata keeps abusing clients!

One would think that the country’s largest mobile and land line operator would be interested in retaining clients – but obviously not!

A couple of months back I had NPN launch a news blast about how I got messed around with Claro not allowing me to move my existing telephone number with me from my pre-paid service to be on a 18 month plan. This was a hassle and an expense, as I had to waste time giving everyone my new number and printing new business cards, stationery etc. and I am sure I lost my business from those who could not reach me to buy from me.

Claro also promised me a free phone as a gift for having been on their plan for over one year (with no hidden catches, I was initially informed) – only to go back on their word later on trying to get me to commit to another 18 months to receive this so called free phone.

Pissed off with their nonsense and many waste hours and miles to their head office, I decided to request a transfer of my number from Claro to Orange. Two weeks later Orange informed me that Claro had rejected the transfer and given no reason. When inquiring with Claro and pushing their supervisors for answers, they said I need to upgrade my profile (which was BS as they have all my info and have copied my passport each time I needed to make any inquiries). I tried another day and the story suddenly changed to “You owe us RD14,-” , which was also BS, as when they did not honor giving me my free phone I instantly settled the balance owing on my plan and paid the full cancellation fee to go back to the pre-paid service.

Simply put – They get bitter if they can’t screw you over or retain you as a customer. And they will kick you in the face as you leave to go elsewhere – my advice is “Don’t do business with them!”

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Last updated January 21, 2018 at 12:31 AM
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