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Children’s virus outbreak

Rosa Nieves Paulino, the director of Robert Reid Cabral children’s hospital in Santo Domingo has warned that the Coxsackie virus, known as foot, hand and mouth virus is circulating in the country. It affects mainly children under five, and leads to blisters on the hands and feet and in the mouth.

Together with the deputy director of the hospital, Virgen Gomez, Paulino said that they have seen an increase in the numbers with the virus and urged the public to take appropriate measures to prevent infection.

They explained that as well as blisters, patients have a rash, headache, loss of appetite and fever and they warned parents to be on the lookout and take their children to the pediatrician if they present any symptoms.

Gomez said that the virus is highly contagious and although not lethal, if not treated in time it can lead to complications.

The illness caused by the Coxsackie virus does not have specific treatment and patients usually recover in seven to ten days. The recommended treatment is acetaminophen and drinking plenty of liquids. Preventive measures include avoiding hugging or kissing affected patients and washing hands frequently.

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