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Central Bank shows figures that tourism has not yet improved in Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA. – As the new minister of Tourism , Francisco Javier Garcia Fernandez walks in the election campaign , according to a report released by the Central Bank states that tourist arrivals to Puerto Plata destination does not yet reflect the positive results expected from the sector, despite the efforts of the private sector and the MITUR .
Central Bank figures covering January to September, account for a slight decrease of 678 passengers compared to the same period last year and in effect from January to September this year, Puerto Plata received a total of 289.398 visitors against 290.076  visitors in 2012.
In 2012 the total non-resident visitors by air received was 351.622, while in 2011 the destination received 367.867 , non-residents with a decrease between 2012 and 2011 of 4 percent .
The results of the January-September period this year contrasts with the national results that account for an increase in that period with the past year of 1.87 % in visitor arrivals .
The weighing of the results month by month in 2013 compared to 2012 shows quite similar results for the current year . But the numbers are more dramatic when compared to the year 2008 when  the current minister Francisco Javier Garcia was just appointed  in Puerto Plata, there were  received 540, 553 residents and visitors in the January-September period 445, 986 visitors.
In regards to 2008 in the January-September period received a total of 156 000 048 fewer tourists this year and it could be argued that Garcia Fernandez assumed the duties in August of that year , so the 2008 results are rather his predecessor Felix Jimenez ( Felucho ) , in which case the comparison should be made with regard to 2009.
That year Puerto Plata received a total nonresident 512.782 compared to 351, 622 of 2012 represent a net decrease in foreign visitor arrivals during the year 161.160 .
The analysis regarding the January-September period indicates that there were received 413.932 visitors which compared to 289.398 of this year reflect a decrease of 124, 534 visitors.
Local tourism figures reflect significant decreases in each of the months , both season and off-season , while February used to be between 2008 and 2009 of 69.824 and 67.694 in 2012 it was 47,860 and in 2013 of 47,703 according to Central Bank statistics .
Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Stocker

    Reduce the airport taxes to make the airlines come back. Seems simple, but Dominicans can’t see past profit today!

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