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Bus drivers become migration inspectors

Bus drivers in the central Cibao region have begun to carry out their own migratory controls to verify the legal papers of passengers from Haiti to prevent the Department of Migration from seizing their vehicles on charges of transporting illegal immigrants in order to collect fines, as reported in Diario Libre. The president of the CNTT bus union said that Javilla Tours and Puerto Plata Tours buses, among others had been affected. As reported in Diario Libre, in Puerto Plata, Dajabon and other towns the drivers heading to and from Santiago now are verifying passengers’ passports and IDs before allowing them to board. Jonny Tavarez said they have had to do the Immigration department’s work to avoid the fines and confiscation of their vehicles. He said however that the measure is only partial, because many bus assistants do not have any way of detecting whether a passport or cedula is fake.

As reported in Diario Libre, in 2012, the Specialized Security Corps (Cesfront) reported discovering a group of drivers on the Santiago-Dajabon route that “rented” cedulas, passports and other ID documents to passengers they transported so they could immigrate to the country. Cesfront reported the detention of 6,400 undocumented Haitians attempting to cross the border. The report says that some of the Haitians had been abandoned to their fate by people smugglers after being detected by the authorities. In 2012, Cesfront announced the arrest and prosecution of 142 Dominicans and 72 Haitians accused of links with people smuggling in possession of forged working permits and cedulas.

Source: DR1

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